Game about a soup factory by floatstarpx

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Game about a soup factory cover artDon’t be fooled by the curiously-titled Game about a soup factory. Despite the monochromatic graphics and ambient soundtrack, this seemingly avant-garde puzzler is anything but – it’s actually a copycat of Zoop, a puzzle game released for nearly every platform under the sun back in 1995.

You control an arrow trapped in a square. An ever-increasing variety of objects (completely unrelated to any soup factory I’ve ever seen) slowly close in from all directions. You must make matches of identical items by firing them at the incoming queues of objects. Firing a cup at a row of three cups will clear them out, while firing a banana at a light bulb will swap the two.

Game about a soup factory screenshot
It’s some simplistic puzzle fun, and fans of Zoop will want to check it out. For the rest of us, Zoop wasn’t bad, and neither is soup factory, but in the bloated puzzle genre you can easily do better.

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