Graphic Design

While I don’t have formal training, I’ve learned Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to design banner ads for my digital marketing work on e-commerce websites and marketplaces, logos for this site and others, and my own wedding invitation. I don’t claim any of this work to be spectacular, but I love working on this kind of thing and would welcome the opportunity to learn more.

Joe Donato

Perfume Worldwide/3OVO Logistics

At PWW/3OVO, I brought together my e-commerce and graphic design experience to create enhanced content on Amazon for brands. The gallery below features a handful of brand stores and A+ content pages. The challenge with these pages is to work within Amazon’s limitations to portray a brand in their best light.

GNP Branded Gear

I learned so much at GNP using Adobe Illustrator on an almost daily basis, but most of my work was for client orders and wouldn’t be appropriate to show here. However, I do have this one testimonial banner I created for the home page.


Big Apple Pet Supply

I created all the graphics for Big Apple Pet Supply while I was there. Here are some of the above-the-fold banner ads I created for the homepage.

Here are a few examples of call-to-action graphics I created for a 3×3 grid below the main banner of the Big Apple Pet Supply homepage.

Lastly, here are a couple examples of graphics created for our email marketing blasts.

Brand Logos

Some logo designs for business and website ideas my fiance and I have had.

Like the latest logo for this very website! (You don’t want to see the old ones)

This is my logo design for the now *mostly* defunct Gamer Gloss nail polish my fiance created. We still own the domain and talk about bringing it back one day. Who knows?

Lastly, here’s the logo and business card design for my fiance’s blog,!

Save the Date

Last, but not least. Here is the design I created for our wedding save-the-dates (modifying a couple free vector art pieces for the skeleton/flowers)