Time Flows, But Does Not Return

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Time Flows, But Does Not Return cover artAn unlikely pioneer has arrived with Time Flows But Does Not Return, Xbox 360’s first truly abstract game. The rules aren’t clear, the goals are nonexistent, and the purpose of this little indie title is to simply convey an idea. It’s an idea that should be familiar to anyone juggling jobs, loved ones, and hobbies – time is a commodity and there simply isn’t enough of it.

Time Flows is an experiment in gameplay, where what you do with a controller pushes you to think and feel. Just as color palettes, musical tones, and grammar are all artistic devices that can be stretched beyond their utilitarian purposes, so too can the rules of a video game. Time Flows proves this beautifully, with a pitch-perfect flow of rules that crescendo to a satisfying moment of realization.

Once the idea is conveyed you’re left to reflect on it, which is an experience that will differ for everyone. Time Flows offers no answers to life’s questions and no satisfying resolutions – it simply makes you think.

Time Flows But Does Not Return gameplay
Side Note: Time Flows But Does Not Return can be completed well-within the 8-minute demo time. It’s not going to stretch the worth of your dollar, but it does allow you to decide whether experimental games like these are worth supporting.

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