Closing Thoughts – Costume Quest 2

This sequel’s time-travel plot starts on uneven ground, but the experience quickly coalesces into something more enjoyable than the first game. Costume Quest 2 is a Western take on JRPG tropes, and unfortunately, like the first game, it can’t quite keep those tropes entertaining throughout the entire game. While I found the costumes and kids adorable, and the story endearing, I once again found it a bit hard to praise a 7-hour RPG that overstays its welcome. When a game like Persona 3/4 can keep it’s turn-based battles engaging for dozens of hours, it’s easy to see that Costume Quest 2 falls short.


Closing Thoughts are reviews-in-brief, meant for games I play that are either too old or too small to write a full review for. That, or it’s the only part you would have read in a full review anyway. The world may never know.

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