CaveIn – Miner Rescue Team by Johnny Death

>>Community Game Brief

CaveIn – Miner Rescue Team is far better than it deserves to be. Developed by one person (with some help in art and sound), CaveIn has the kind of premise that leads to fodder like Deadliest Catch or Big Game Hunter. It stars two Fischer Price-looking dudes in overalls, pushing colored rocks and searching for trapped miners. It also happens to be one of the best games available on the Community Games service.

A puzzle/action hybrid, CaveIn begins with a simple match-three premise. Colored rocks must be pushed to create combos, breaking them apart so you can progress. With each area, a new mechanic is added, creating a refreshing stew of old-school trappings reminiscent of puzzle games like Bust-a-Move, Bomberman, Tetris, and Devil Dice.

One minute you’re racing to match colored rocks as they fall from the sky a-la Tetris or Columns, and the next you’re firing them from a cannon Bust-a-Move-style. It’s not just a mix of puzzle mechanics either – some levels will have you out-running an avalanche, while others leave you navigating pitch-black mazes with a meager flashlight. Variety and polish, combined with simple graphics and cool lighting effects, make this title well-worth its meager 400-point asking price.

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