Weapon of Choice by Mommy’s Best Games

Community Game Brief

Weapon of Choice is developer Mommy’s Best Games’ rose-tinted tribute to early nineties gaming. It combines the over-the-top action, dialogue, and skittle-colored graphics of classics such as Contra and Gunstar Heroes with modern, twin-stick gameplay.

Imagine a lush, animated pop-up book or elementary school diorama and you have the look. Combine it with a speed metal soundtrack and giant bugs and you have the style. Those extreme aesthetics carry over to the gameplay, where several wildly different weapons complement a unique “death-brushing” mechanic that slows time when danger is near.

Weapon of Choice is old school to a fault – it’s quite difficult, with no ability to save your progress. Several branching paths let you experiment if things get too tough, but repeating the earlier levels can be a drag when you can die so easily. That you can’t play with a friend makes the frustration that much more pronounced. On the other hand, if you’re looking to cure that 1990s shooter itch you’ll be hard-pressed to avoid an immediate purchase.

Price: 400 points
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Community Game Briefs are short but informative impressions on the ever-expanding Community Games catalogue on Xbox Live. These are not full reviews. The verdict comes in three flavors: AVOID, TRY, or BUY. Anything can be awarded an AVOID or TRY rating, whether I actually buy it or only sample the demo. You can be assured that any game awarded the BUY rating has been purchased and played extensively.

Written by Joe Donato

I'm an enthusiast and writer for video games and film, interested in criticism and sharing my thoughts & opinions with all of you.

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