Alive in Dead Space: A Multipart Series


Here you can browse the contents of Red Ring Circus’s multipart coverage of Dead Space. More stories are coming, so come back over the next few weeks for more.

PART ONE: Crossmedia – Dead Space tells its story across multiple mediums. In this article I explore the pros and cons of this relatively new approach to storytelling.

PART TWO: The Comic Series – A review of the six-part prequel comic series for Dead Space.

PART THREE: The Game – A review of the Dead Space game from Electronic Arts.

PART FOUR: Downfall – The animated DVD movie bridges the gap between the comics and the game. My review.

PART FIVE: The Alternate Reality Game – explores the plight of crewmembers of the Ishimura. I explore how it fits into the full story.

PART SIX: The Marker Will Save Us – A look at how the whole story connects. Is the Dead Space tale just a big marketing scheme or new ground in storytelling?

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