What The?! by Social Loner Studios

>>Community Game Brief

What The?! Box ArtTrivia games are a social constant – from Trivial Pursuit to You Don’t Know Jack and Scene It!, to live shows like Jeopardy and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, our society is silently obsessed with question and answer games. What The?! adds one more to the mix, with a budget price, sense of humor, and relevant pop-culture questions.

The presentation is pure 1970s game show, with lots of yellow and brown and dated prizes. The fake prizes are one of the highlights of the game, and include things like oversized cell phones, two-slice toasters, and surface-to-air missiles. Beyond that the game is barebones, relying on the charm of its fully-voiced hosts and hundreds of questions to carry the experience.

The questions run the gamut from recent entertainment news to obscure historical facts. The difficulty of the questions varies wildly, but it can be adjusted through the options menu.

What The!? gameplay
The best part of What The?! is how quick you can start a game. Right at the title screen each player presses start to join in and the game begins. All the incidental dialogue (introductions, prizes, outros) can be skipped so that even if the announcers start repeating themselves you can still enjoy lightning-quick matches.

The bottom line is that What The?! offers a quality trivia experience for fans, and enough charm that it may entice those looking for something a little laid back. Its only major flaw is a lack of online play, something anyone with lots of local trivia friends can overlook, but for many it will make the difference between a purchase or a pass.

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