A Bomb’s Way by SmudgedCat

>>Community Game Brief

It wasn’t enough to call this Community Game “Bombs Away” – taking a page from community titles like 2176 Supernova Storm and A Fading Melody, the anagrammatically titled A Bomb’s Way cleverly works Xbox Live’s alphabetic sorting to grab your attention. Reminscent of the quirky, rainbow-colored oddities found in the recesses of 80s-era arcades, A Bomb’s Way developer SmudgedCat is pulling all the stops to get their game noticed.

With a predictable cartoon bomb as its mascot, the game tasks you with collecting all the clocks in a room before meeting an explosive end. The colorful gauntlet of platforms and unlikely wildlife evoke the original Mario Bros. arcade game. The race for collectables in a boxed maze is reminscent of Pacman. The twist? Each room can be rotated at will.

Despite the ability to literally turn everything on its head, the rotation gimmick isn’t the new portal gun or infinite time juice – it’s far more utilitarian. A Bomb’s Way won’t win any awards in innovation, but it nails the one-more-try vibe of quarter-munching arcade games.

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