The Incredible Hulk Ultimately Destroys Everything


While the developers of Crackdown ditched the series to work on APB, Edge of Reality is hard at work on Crackdown 2, a.k.a. The Incredible Hulk. While it really has no relation to Realtime World’s early ’07 stunner, Sega showed a demo at Comic Con that conjured up fond memories of tracking down agility orbs. Of all the games at Comic Con, it looked the most exciting. Unfortunately, it was still early, and the people running the demo the game at the show were unwilling to hand us the controller.

What was shown was an open-world romp through Liberty…I mean, New York City. The Hulk can smash just about anything, climb any building, and jump really damn high. He can even smash buildings and throw pedestrians, features that I’m not entirely confident will make it into the final game. Cloverfield got away with knocking down buildings in NYC and conjuring up images of 9/11, but will a teen-rated video game get the same treatment?

The demo I saw was brief, and while the freedom the game offered was stunning, there wasn’t much in the way of goals. Time will tell if The Hulk is simply a playground or something a little more substantial. Regardless, you can rip a car in half and use it as boxing gloves, so I’m excited.

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