Gears of War 2 to be Bigger, Better, More Badass


When president of Epic Games, Michael Capps says that Gears of War 2 will be “bigger, better, more badass,” you have to believe him. Epic has a track record of games which can only be described as awesome and rad, so it will be no surprise if Gears 2 follows suit. At Comic Con, Epic ran a panel to discuss Gears 2. While the trailer shown at the beginning of the panel was the same as the one shown at GDC, it was a good reminder that Gears of War 2 is going to be extremely badass. Everyone was surprised, even skeptical, that Epic was planning for a sequel that would be bigger and better than its predecessor. However, watching Marcus chainsaw a Locust soldier surely made most of us believers.

After the badass teaser, the developers jumped right into Q&A. The Comic Con attendees stepped up to the plate with hard hitting questions. Capps let the audience in on several secrets about the game, including some of the game’s badass, cool, and great mechanics and storyline. The sequel to the 2006 game of the year will have awesome shooting, badass chainsaw fights, and sweet online play. The story will be epic, badass, and bigger than the original.

A lot of people had questions about the gripping story from the original game and wanted to know how they’d expand on it for the sequel. Josh Ortega, the writer for the new game, assured us it was going to be amazing and better.

Lastly, when asked whether Gears of War 2 would be awesome, Michael Capps responded, “Absolutely.”

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